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Childeric Saddles

With the horse’s welfare in mind, Sarah is very proud to be a brand ambassador for Childeric Saddles. These are bespoke saddles made from the most beautiful leather and hand crafted in France. They allow the horses to move feely and lift their backs, whilst putting the rider in a secure and balanced position. They are also incredibly comfortable. If you would like a lesson in a Childrec Saddle on your own horse do get in touch.


Victoria originally came into Sarah’s life when she started coaching her on her horse Custard. She then became a livery and a firm friend! Equiboodle supplies the yards supplements and grooming equipment. Sarah is often seen top to toe in Equiboodle fashion- it is such good quality and so flattering! Do visit Equiboodle’s website so you can see all of the beautiful things she has for sale.

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