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"I’ve been training with Sarah since 2015.  I hadn’t ridden since I was a teenager and was desperate to get back to being a horse owner but had no idea where to start!  Sarah has been invaluable every step of the way.  She has been incredible for my riding taking me from a complete novice at dressage to going Advanced this year!  Along the way we’ve competed at the nationals and won a Petplan regional final - experience’s I never thought possible. I have two horses now, both on full livery with Sarah. The yard has a very happy and friendly atmosphere and the horses are cared for as if they’re Sarah’s own. It’s wonderful to know they’re in such great hands."

Kate Vince

"I would definitely recommend Sarah Stewart as a trainer and her yard for livery. Sarah has been very supportive and enabled me to progress with my dressage riding and increase my test riding confidence. A combination of Sarah teaching me and also  schooling my horse has allowed me much greater understanding of training and riding and given my horse  security and consistency. I never worry about my horse whilst Sarah and her team are taking care of him.  He is always happy, healthy and well turned out."

Janet Warren

"Sarah has a very supportive and encouraging style of training that leaves you with a smile on your face at the end of every session. She is incredibly knowledgable and patient and every lesson is tailored to you and your horses needs. I would recommend Sarah to everyone."

Alice Fulford

“I have had my horse with Sarah for the past 10 years. I arrived with a youngster who knew how to hunt and jump pulling my arms out, but had no flat work, no idea about his body and what he could do, and ulcers from stress. In a short period of time, he is doing dressage, understands what his body can do and willingly performs, is more gymnastic with his jumping and is a calm and happy horse. Sarah and her amazing team combines the best horse welfare, training and understanding of horse and rider to get the best out of both of us. Like every horse, he craves love and attention and he gets that in spades with Sarah and her team. We have come a long way and it is thanks to Sarah, her attention, the training, the love, and the amazing facilities at the yard that we have been able to achieve so much.”     

Carole Cable

“Sarah and I grew up together and enjoyed participating in Pony Club activities and gymkhanas for many years - we had so much fun. I always knew Sarah was destined for great things in the equestrian world because she had all the qualities to do so. Not only has she always been a great people person (probably the most important element of training) but she has always been so dedicated, hard working and focused, as well as talented. Sarah trained me at Cannington College in 1992 and her lessons were so inspiring and constructive, even back then. She taught me, a former mounted games rider, how to ride a horse on the bit and achieve proper engagement and connection from the horse, which was something I had no clue about at that time. I particularly remember having a lesson with her on a horse called Ginger and that's when it all clicked. I was riding around the arena with a soft and engaged horse for the first time in my life and it was the most amazing feeling. Since then, I have called upon Sarah to help me as and when I have needed, often discussing training issues over a bottle of wine, too. Her enthusiasm, ideas for problem solving and years of experience training with some of the best riders in the world (they don't come better than the master, Carl Hester) have been of massive benefit to me. Sarah makes me feel like I can achieve anything I want to. Knowing Sarah now, some 40 years on from when we first met, she has achieved her dream of becoming a Grand Prix dressage rider on her gorgeous horse Polly, who she produced from scratch. This is something most of us can only dream of, but Sarah's determination, skilful and sympathetic training has meant she got there, which is no surprise to me. Sarah is such a lovely person and I think the world of her. Not only does she care immensely about riders and their horses, but she devotes every ounce of her energy to lessons. When you do well, Sarah feels as ecstatic as if it were her. There are plenty of trainers/riders/livery yard owners in the country, but when you sieve through the good and bad, there are a handful of ones you totally trust left and Sarah is one of these people. I can wholeheartedly say I would trust Sarah 100 per cent. I am a very moral person and I speak the truth - in other words I wouldn't be writing this just to please a great friend. I am writing this testimonial because I believe in this lovely lady and I honestly can't think of a bad word to say about her. Oh no hang on, that's not true. Word of warning, if you are thinking of booking a lesson with her when Downton Abbey (even replays) is on, just phone her husband John instead because I can assure you Sarah will not pick up the phone!'

Nicky Moffatt

“I’ve been training with Sarah since I was 11. Since day 1 she has been incredibly supportive and helpful aiding me to improve my riding and coaching me to the Pony Club Winter and Summer Championships and the Petplan Championships twice. It was Sarah who found my one in a million pony for me who took me to these 4 national competitions - she even travelled around the country with us looking for my next horse. On numerous occasions Sarah helped me when at competitions with warming us up and helping me to keep focussed on Puzzle and calm in a tense environment.  Sarah is a lovely person who has also let me learn on her yard for me to gain more experience in the equestrian industry. Not only has she has improved my dressage but also my confidence when showjumping and going cross country greatly. Without Sarah I doubt I would have ever found my passion for dressage or my superstar pony. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone as she will adapt her lessons to your needs and what you feel you need to work on - I always leave Sarah’s lessons happy with useful advice and exercises to use until our next lesson."

Ruby Thomas

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